There are many reasons why you might be looking for a mid-size SUV. The durability and reliability of the Dodge Journey should be taken into consideration as you begin your search. This vehicle has become so popular because it is rich in performance features. Here are two of them to demonstrate.

When you have places to go, you do not want to constantly have to pull into a gas station. With the Dodge Journey, that is no longer a worry. You get excellent gas mileage and a larger than average tank. This equates to as much as 500 miles of driving between visits to the pump.

You will also have more than enough power thanks to the V6 engine to tow around 2,500 pounds of cargo behind you. This means that you can bring quite a few things along with you on your next adventure. You are more than welcome to visit Hagans Dodge and take the Dodge Journey on a test drive.

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