Does the Mopar Vehicle Protection Roadside Hazard Plan Cover Aftermarket Tires?

It does not matter the type of tires is on a vehicle; road hazards will damage them all. Some tires are sold aftermarket, especially tires that change the ride and appearance of a car. Drivers that prefer a different look and are willing to pay the difference need not fear roadside hazard damage to their tires when they have the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan in place.

It does not matter if the damage occurs in Morrilton, AR or out on the open highway, the Mopar Vehicle Protection plan’s Roadside Assistance package covers the total cost of tire or wheel repair. Aftermarket tires and wheels enjoy the same coverage as the originals. The tires are filled, balanced, and applied at no cost to the owner.

To choose the Mopar Vehicle Protection Plan that best fits your needs, visit Hagans Dodge Chrysler Motors to sign up today.

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