Four-wheel drive can be a useful feature to have on slick pavement, challenging off-road terrain, and gravel roads. It's important that you know how to use four-wheel-drive to get the most out of this feature, and we can help at Hagans Dodge in Morrilton, AR. Read on to learn the difference between 4L and 4H.

4H is the high-range four-wheel-drive mode and can be used when the roads are icy, wet, or snowy, and it's also useful when you're driving on gravel roads. 4-High is used more often than 4-Low, and you can drive at speeds as high as 55 mph when you're in 4-High.

When you're in 4L, the wheels will turn slower because more torque is sent to the wheels. This will optimize power and grip to get drivers through challenging obstacles. Because this setting transfers so much torque to the wheels, it's suggested to keep the speed under 10 mph when you're in 4L.

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