When Should You Change Your Headlights?

The headlights on your car need to be in top working order if you want to drive around Morrilton, AR safely at night or in inclement weather. Headlights can grow dimmer over time which makes it harder for other drivers to notice your vehicle when visibility is low.

You should change your headlights if you notice that they aren't as bright as they used to be. You should also change the headlights if you notice that one of the headlights is flickering or going on and off. Headlights are easy to change on newer cars. All that is involved is changing a bulb. It is recommended by most mechanics that you change both of the headlight bulbs at the same time so that your car has even lighting on both sides.

At Hagan Dodge Chrysler Motors, the technicians in our service center can easily change the headlights on both newer and older vehicles. They can also check and replace rear lights and brake lights.

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