Challenger Technology Upgrades in 2019

The 2019 Dodge Challenger is an excellent choice if you want a sporty muscle car that’s still practical for everyday commutes. You can buy a Challenger if you want extreme power as well. Even at the base, you’ll get 320 horsepower, which can range up to over 700 with the SRT Hellcat Redeye. These are extremely powerful engines when upgraded, and Dodge gives you a variety of options to do so.

The inside is incredibly comfortable as well, but for all the power, the 2019 Challenger is also quiet. There are a variety of premium interior styles, including sporty leather trims. In addition, the Challenger is class-leading with the most space available for the back seat and trunk. You can also connect to your smartphone in multiple ways through the infotainment system.

You can test drive the latest Dodge Challenger at Hagans Dodge Chrysler Motors located in Morrilton, AR. The new features and performance are worth the additional cost if you want to upgrade.

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