Does the Ram 1500 have a Hill Start Assist Program?

The Ram 1500 is built for work. It hauls, it tows, and it drives across rough terrain to get to the job you require. The nature of the vehicle puts it in places where stopping on a hill becomes an issue. Especially when towing, hill stops can lead to drifting backward while attempting to accurate out of a stop. Your trailer can bump the vehicle behind you causing damage.

Hill stop assist programs take the care out of stopping at incline intersections. In the Ram 1500, the Hill Start Assist program senses when you are not level. The system gently activates your brakes enough to keep you from drifting backward when you remove your foot from the brake and move to the accelerator.

Come in and meet with our staff at Hagans Dodge Chrysler Motors for a demonstration of what a Hill Start Assist program can mean to you.



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