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Dodge Demon: Too Fast for the NHRA

A fact that Dodge is supremely proud of is that the Dodge Challenger Demon has been banned from National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) tracks by posting a quarter mile track time of 9.65 seconds. The Demon, which wheelies when accelerating off the line, has a zero to sixty time of 2.3 seconds, and propels the driver forward with 1.8 G-forces asserted onto the driver.

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4 Signs That Your Car Battery Might Need to Get Replaced

The battery in your vehicle is working hard to ensure that all those luxuries you may take for granted work flawlessly each time you get in the vehicle. Not only does the batter crank that engine, but it also powers all the lights, the horn, radio, power door locks, blinkers, windshield wipers, and power windows. The more you use these devices and the longer you drive, the more drain on the battery.

Here are 4 signs you should be on the lookout for concerning a bad car battery and that the part might need to get replaced...

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Tire Rotation and Why It's Overlooked

Many of us don't think about our tires as we travel the highways. Tires are often the most ignored item on the car. So many variables can cause a tire to wear unevenly. Your car getting out of alignment can cause uneven tire wear. Unbalanced tires can cause uneven tire wear too. But if you choose to ignore this, then a flat in your future may be inevitable. Ignored uneven tire wear can cause more dangerous problems later on. The chord of the tire can become visible, and if overlooked for too long, it could create a blow out…

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Buying vs leasing cars debate

Everyone's financial situation is different. Some people can afford to put down a large down payment on a vehicle or pay the full price upfront. Then there are those that do not have the money in their possession at the moment and have to take out a loan. There are some differences between the two:


Buying a car lets you keep it for as long as you want and you can customize the vehicle as much as you want. Leasing a vehicle means that it has to be returned in the original form it was purchased.


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Don't Wait Any Longer: Get your Brakes Checked!

How can you tell it is time to get your brakes serviced? Most auto manufacturers suggest that you get them checked out every 12,000 miles. That is pretty reasonable, given how many times in a single day you apply your brakes. On top of that, when brakes don't work well, you put yourself and others at risk. Nothing on your vehicle is more important in terms of safety.

Some signals that your brakes may be starting to fail include loud, grinding metallic noises or high pitched squealing sounds. Hopefully your brake light indicator works. That also informs you…
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